Graham Brown

Graham Brown

Lead Electrical Engineer

Prepared the Electrical Design and Control System Specification in order to develop the original motion control concept into a working system. 

Produced the over-arching electrical schematic and BOM. 

Liaised with: 

- Beckhoff on their supply of the electrical cabinets, enclosures, wiring diagrams and network topology with due consideration for EMC compliance 

- the supplier of the pneumatic system enclosure and components with regards to design, integration and safety 

- the manufacturer of the control desk with regards to distributed I/O functionality and packaging to comply with TUV requirements 

Worked with Dynisma personnel to: 

- develop the structure and coding of the TwinSAFE safety PLC program 

- electrically install the system at Winford and Italy (plus generation of the associated commissioning documentation) 

- develop an HMI front-end for system control and diagnostics plus configuration of the HMI server 

- develop the PLC program to interface with the motion generator, safety PLC, HMI and system hardware 

- develop a concept for handling position feedback in order to achieve continuous motion control (yaw) of the disc without loss of commutation 

- undertake initial position-control testing of all servo-driven axes plus collation of anti-cogging data 

- manufacture bespoke 3D-printed hardware components together with electrical cabinet/enclosure modifications 

- undertake on-site testing of safety functions and ensure compliance with safety requirement documents 


Graham Brown

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