DMG-1XY Motorsport is an engineering class simulator suitable for vehicle dynamics application in all motorsport scenarios. Based on our successful DMG-1 system, its increase excursion capability enables larger amplitude low frequency accelerations to provide additional driver feedback.

Our DMG-1XY product comprises a 6DOF High Frequency Platform (HFP) including ‘tribase’ structure, and a 3DOF, Large Excursion Platform (LEP). Together with our dynamic motion control system they provide the low latency, high bandwidth, and large excursion motions required to accurately simulate vehicle dynamics.

The advantages of DMG-1XY include:

  • High bandwidth: this delivers a more complete data-stream to the driver’s senses, enabling a more in-depth analysis of vehicle behaviour and the human response to it. High bandwidth of up to 100Hz enables the ride properties of vehicle and tyre models to be evaluated in a way that is not possible with lower frequency platforms.
  • Very low latency: enabling real-world driver reactions to vehicle motion, bringing greater validity to experiments whether for road or track.
  • No miscues: DMG systems are consistently praised for having a smooth feel, free from the mechanical miscues experienced in other simulators.
  • Low friction: Vehicle dynamicists and test drivers will particularly appreciate the low friction, which makes the platform free of zero-crossing anomalies to give unmatched accuracy in on-centre feel.

DMG-1XY is applicable for many aspects of driving simulation, in particular the testing and optimising of:

  • Motorsport, race setup, driver training and car development
  • Optimising power deployment and regeneration for hybrid or EV systems
  • Vehicle handling in dynamic driving
  • Vehicle ride optimisation
  • Optimising vehicle aspects, e.g., suspension, steering, tyres
  • Driver training and familiarisation with new vehicles and tracks

DMG-1XY achieves this through highly dynamic, low latency, high-fidelity motion in a large motion space. The key parameters such as high bandwidth, low latency and the lack of motion aberrations exceed those of any other simulator on the market.

Specification shown is available as a turn-key solution, fully integrated to your environment.


Nominal Payload250 kg - 400 kg
System Response
Motion Bandwidth50Hz -100 Hz
Motion Latency4-5 ms
Maximum Excursion
Longitudinal5000 mm
Lateral5000 mm
Heave150 mm
Translational1.5 m/s
Rotational>60 °/s
Surge, Sway, Heave15 m/s
Roll, Pitch, Yaw1000 °/s