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A unique combination of high bandwidth, high stiffness, low latency, massive horizontal excursion and high accelerations for a range of realistic digital driving scenarios where lane change is required in testing scenarios.

Compared to traditional simulators, the increased ground plane excursion of the DMG-360 XY brings additional advantages in certain use cases, including:

  • Low speed driving, for example, urban driving and even parking manoeuvres, where extended or even 1:1 XY cueing can be used 
  • Highway driving, where the longer excursions can help the driver to feel the sustained, low-level accelerations
  • Specific manoeuvres where the extended ground plane excursion combined with manoeuvre specific cueing and pre-positioning can be used to achieve near real-world motion cues such as lane changes and step steer tests

DMG-360s unrivalled motion bandwidth enables greater data throughput to the driver, providing the most realistic vehicle and environment feedback possible, delivering reliable and accurate test results. By unlocking true 1:1 yaw cueing, DMG-360 ensures that nothing obscures or attenuates yaw stability cues, as well as eliminating mis-cues in slow speed city driving scenarios. More information available on application.


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