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I’ve spent time in a lot of different simulators, including from the top F1 teams. The responsiveness and feel of the Dynisma sim was truly a step ahead of anything I’ve experienced. It was the first sim that allowed me to feel oversteer and correct it accurately and the ride quality was incredibly smooth which was helpful for repeatability when testing things on the car model.

Karun Chandhok
Racing Driver, TV Presenter and F1 Commentator

Max Chilton

SuperGT 2022 | IndyCar 2016-2021 | WEC 2015 | Formula One 2011-2014

Max Chilton is the new world record holder of the 1.16 mile Hillclimb course at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2022, completing it in 39.08 seconds in the McMurtry Automotive Spieling fan car. Watch the video to see his DMG-1 test drive.

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I’ve tried nearly every concept/manufacturer on the market that provides a turnkey solution and the latest from Dynisma is very much the next generation in terms of performance and feedback. It’s the first system that I have experienced where the fluidity of movement is representative to reality. Every other platform I have tried has an underlying mechanical feel. The DMG-1 design has removed this issue and gives a very natural and authentic ride quality.

Darren Turner
Factory Aston Martin driver and 3 times Le Mans winner

David Pittard test drives Dynisma DMG-1 simulator

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David Pittard is a British factory GT racing driver for Aston Martin Racing. He competes in the FIA World Endurance Championships and is the Nurburgring lap record holder. David is also a professional driver coach.

Watch the video to see David's test drive and find out what he had to say about DMG technology.

Quote Mark

The thing that stood out the most was the input I got from the kerb strikes. It really felt like I was running over the sawtooth kerbs at the chicane for example, bumping over the red and yellow kerbs onto the green tarmac. The way the platform reacted was incredibly immersive and representative of what happens in real life.

David Pittard
Factory GT Endurance Driver and Nurburgring Lap Record Holder

Tom Canning drives GT car around Spa on DMG-1

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Tom Canning is an Aston Martin Racing Junior Driver and has years of experience racing Aston Martin, BMW and Mercedes GT4 and GT3 cars all around the world in a variety of different championships and individual races.  

FIA Categorised Silver
British GT Champion
BRDC Member 
High Performance Development Driver  
Driver coach for GT and single seater cars

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A whole new level of realism I have never experienced before. Every detail has been enhanced. Ride control is at the level where it feels you are driving on a damper and spring which allows for realistic feedback to engineers for setup optimisation. The cueing is instantaneous which gives the driver the opportunity to correct and feel the tire like no other simulator can offer.

Richard Westbrook
Le Mans winner



Supporting the engineering that leads to winning performance on the track.

Dynisma Motion Generators puts the Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) like never before. Our technology offers the ultimate unfair advantage by providing teams with the accurate vehicle models, motion platforms and visual cues that help race teams interrogate and control their race car on the limit.

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It’s good how real the platform moves, it gives you more feeling about the oversteer and the way you can catch it back. It’s more direct.
I really like how I can feel each type of kerb reproduced as well as the chattering of the tyres when I have understeer, it is all coming through the platform.

Mattia Drudi
Factory GT driver and Italian GT Endurance Champion


Will Stevens is a British racing driver, who formerly competed in Formula One, Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0, Toyota Racing Series and the British Formula Renault Championships.

He is now a LMDh driver at JOTA Sport. Find out what he has to say about his experience of driving the LMP2 vehicle model on the DMG-1.

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Instant is the word. The initial yaw cue is very instant. Kerb riding feels good and very realistic, even touching the apexes.
Feels good in high speed corners and also the tyre chatter with understeer.

Jake Hughes
Formula E driver


GT Racing Driver & Winner of Formula Woman

The Scottish female racer put in some laps around Spa and Barcelona in a GT3 and F1 model, benefitting from the truly realistic feel of the simulator to make improvements in her sector times and track knowledge.



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I've mainly used sims to learn tracks, lines, improve on sector times, but I've never been in a sim like this before. Experiencing the oversteer and understeer was amazing. I could try different things and find the limit. I benefited hugely from experiencing set up changes and feeling how the car reacts, everything of which I could feel through my body.

Jodie Sloss
GT Racing Driver & Winner of Formula Woman