Motorsport Applications

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Your team demand the most advanced simulation technology in the world. 

Dynisma Motion Generators™ (DMG), bringing a totally revolutionary approach to simulators, giving you the most immersive experience and access to the best high-fidelity, responsive motion generators that drivers and engineers could want.

Dynisma’s advanced DMG technologies offer the perfect solution for a range of specific requirements for all motorsport teams, car developers and drivers.

Our team have unrivalled expertise in the industry and are on hand to assist not just with implementation of the simulator, but to work closely with you on optimum use of simulation.


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Race Car Development 

Simulation enables designers to use more creativity at the earliest stages of vehicle development, testing and validating new concepts. Offline simulation tools are used to indicate what might theoretically be faster, but only by using DIL simulators can we understand what a new design can do in the hands of a racing driver. 

Dynisma’s DMG technology creates the most realistic connection between sophisticated vehicle modelling tools, super detailed laser scanned track models and highly skilled drivers so that new vehicle designs can be tested to their limits. Our experience both as motorsport simulation engineers and simulator manufacturers can provide an end to end solution to virtual race car development, or a simulator that fits seamlessly with your existing development tools. 


Driver Development 

Simulator drivers have historially compromised on motion latency and bandwidth - but  DMG technology renders the gap between test and reality, negligible.

While many attested that latencies of 10-15ms were acceptable and frequency responses up to 30 or 40Hz were sufficient for engineering, the drivers could always find limitations in what they could feel.

Dynisma has revolutionised Motion Generation with latencies of 3-5ms and bandwidth up to 100Hz, bringing the driver the ability to “play with the car and get to track knowing exactly what to expect of the vehicle.


Powertrain and Energy Management 

Today’s motorsport vehicles are sophisticated systems with options for energy recovery and deployment via hybrid or EV powertrains. These powertrain features can be connected to the DIL simulator as models or hardware in the loop to enable testing and optimisation before the car goes on track. 

The changes in vehicle powertrains bring different disciplines into play, such as understanding how energy management can be used to optimise laps and races. In Formula E, the importance of the deceleration phase has become paramount and Dynisma DIL simulators enable engineers and drivers to experiment with, and optimise, this. Drivers using our DMGs repeatedly report that the higher bandwidth and lower latency enables them to drive the car to its limits in a way that has never been possible in simulators before. 


Race Optimisation/Preparation 

Dynisma’s DMG simulators have redefined the relationship between virtual vehicles, engineers and drivers to create tools which go far beyond making probable improvements to a car’s potential lap time.  

Every aspect of the race performance can be improved in the simulator - the vehicle engineering, the setup optimisation, the drivers’ performance, the management and validity of data to benefit everything from the successful running of the car in testing to the optimisation of strategies for energy management up crossing the line first.

Because we have been motorsport simulator users at the highest levels before turning our hands to designing and building simulators, we can work with you to provide you with the solutions you need to win. 



Tyre modelling is one of the fastest moving areas of vehicle simulation and DMG technology offers the fastest responding and highest bandwidth Motion Generators to take the best advantage  of these advances. 

Dynisma works with race car developers, tyre manufacturers, and the best vehicle and tyre model developers in the world to enable our customers to develop the most sophisticated and accurate driving simulation that will bring results on the track. 


Vehicle Dynamics 

Faster simulators make faster race cars. 

DIL simulators have proven themselves as an essential tool for car and driver development at all levels. 

DMG technology gives engineers, simulator drivers and racing drivers more detail on vehicle motion and creates a significantly faster loop between the driver and the vehicle model. This brings greater accuracy and productivity to race car and driver development by creating near-perfect correlation between testing and reality.

Dynisma’s engineering team have worked at the heart of several F1 teams and can support customers in selecting the best tools for building a simulation environment and workflows.

Quote Mark

"I’ve tried nearly every concept/manufacturer on the market that provides a turnkey solution and the latest from Dynisma is very much the next generation in terms of performance and feedback. It’s the first system that I have experienced where the fluidity of movement is representative to reality. Every other platform I have tried has an underlying mechanical feel. The DMG1 design has removed this issue and gives a very natural and authentic ride quality."

Darren Turner
Factory Aston Martin driver and 3 times Le Mans winner