Motorsport Applications

Supporting the engineering that leads to winning performance on the track. Dynisma Motion Generators puts the Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) like never before. Our technology offers the ultimate unfair advantage by providing teams with the accurate vehicle models, motion platforms and visual cues that help race teams interrogate and control their race car on the limit.

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Automotive Applications

For Automotive OEMs, our world leading technology is supporting the development of the next generation of road cars. DMG simulators can be used at every stage of the chassis, tyre, powertrain and active system development cycle to bring manufacturers to new model delivery faster. Our technology can also be integrated with any track, terrain or visualisation environment.

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​​​​​​Greater bandwidth is a core focus of the DMG® philosophy.

High bandwidth facilitates motion cueing not possible on conventional motion platforms. A real driving experience contains information at frequencies far greater than 60Hz, including road noise, engine vibration, ABS vibration and high fidelity vehicle dynamics feedback.

The human body is very sensitive to small changes – by accurately transferring this information to the driver, DMG can provide a far more realistic and immersive driving experience.



With latency as low as 3-4ms, DMG® can deliver prompt vehicle dynamics feedback. This means the driver can react faster to events such as oversteer and means that visual stimuli such as kerb strikes are provided faster than even 240Hz projectors are able to update.



With superb stiffness, strength and low weight, carbon composite structures help realise the maximum bandwidth and acceleration potential of DMG. 

Through in house capabilities and our partners, Dynisma has full lifecycle capability for composite components, design, verification, manufacture, validation, transport, storage, maintenance and inspection.

Dynisma makes extensive use of composites in the development of its Dynisma Motion Generators and the development of custom payloads for its customers.



From full system multi-body modelling right through to subsystem stress analysis, simulation and optimisation form the backbone of the development process of DMG systems. 

MathWorks and Dymola toolsets are drawn upon early, to inform design decisions, and later, to develop and test control algorithms in the safety of simulation. Dynisma Motion Generators are designed in Siemens CAD packages, employing the full Altair suite to target world leading bandwidth long before confirming it in comprehensive real-world testing programmes

Key Features


DMG® removes every possible obstacle between the driver and the data

Key Features

Large Excursion Motion Generator to provide large horizontal excursions (yaw, surge and sway) to accurately render vehicle dynamics movement

Low inertia servo actuators propel the High Frequency Motion Generator by Direct Drive

Unique rocker guided linkages for minimal friction and inertia

Direct Drive High Frequency Motion Generator to deliver maximum bandwidth and minimal latency


55-100Hz in all 6DOF

At least 50% better than known competition



Lowest latency on the market

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Dynisma Motion Generators (DMG) are the most dynamic, realistic and scalable driving simulators in the world. Find out why.

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