DMG-X is a world class motion platform, delivered to you as a fully integrated solution or as a motion platform only.  Adopting patented DMG technology, DMG-X brings engineering class capabilities to a much wider audience and use case. Featuring unrivalled bandwidth of over 100Hz in every degree of freedom and only 3-4ms latency, DMG-X is suitable for all motorsport and automotive applications, including testing ride comfort, NVH, driver development, or a personal chance to experience the most immersive and realistic simulation available.  DMG–X can be installed in a range of environments. Full details on request.


DMG-X Specs

Nominal Payload250 kg - 750 kg
System Response
Motion Bandwidth>100 Hz in all DOFs
Motion Latency3-4 ms
Maximum Excursion
Longitudinal±250 mm
Lateral±250 mm
Heave±200 mm
Combined Lateral-Yaw150 mm@10°
Combined Lateral-Longitudinal Excursion Radius250 mm
Translational1.5 m/s
Rotational>100 °/s
Surge, Sway, Heave15 m/s2
Roll, Pitch, Yaw1000 °/s2

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Greater bandwidth is a core focus of the DMG philosophy.

High bandwidth facilitates ride comfort and NVH evaluation in its purest form, without the need for additional shakers which are trypically needed on conventional motion platforms. A real driving experience contains information at frequencies far greater than 60Hz, including road noise, engine vibration, ABS vibration and high fidelity vehicle dynamics feedback.

The human body is very sensitive to small changes – by accurately transferring this information to the driver, DMG can provide a far more realistic and immersive driving experience.



With latency as low as 3-4ms, DMG can deliver prompt vehicle dynamics feedback. This means the driver can react faster to events such as oversteer and means that visual stimuli are provided faster than even 240Hz projectors are able to update.



For motorsport or automotive applications, any type of chassis can be designed, built and integrated to the simulator. This includes custom build chassis/cockpits, replicas of vehicle interiors, or prototypes.

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