"As close to the track as you can get without actually being there," DuPont Registry

Posted: 28th July 2021

"Dynisma, a UK-based motion simulator technology company, has just revealed their new DMG-1 and DMG-1 Carbon (DMG-1C) driving simulators. No, these simulators are not ones that you’d find in a gaming room but are instead ones found in development centers for automakers and motorsport teams.

The DMG-1 features the lowest latency and the highest bandwidth of any simulator currently available. This allows the simulators to provide the driver with real-time feedback so that they can react just as they would in a real vehicle. For instance, a driver will be able to quickly handle oversteer thanks to the low latency and will also feel it right away thanks to the high bandwidth. Essentially, everything about Dynisma’s DMG-1 simulators revolves around immediate and accurate responses."