Auto Express Magazine: Steve Sutcliffe Gets Behind the Wheel

Posted: 23rd November 2023


Steve Sutcliffe from AutoExpress came to visit and test drive the Dynisma driving simulator in our Bristol headquarters.

Steve’s write up explains in great detail how we process sensory stimulation into a reaction or response, and how the Dynisma simulator is the world’s best at making driving simulation and sensations authentic.

He goes on to say:

How real does the Dynisma sim feel, and does it honestly come close to replicating an actual driving experience? The answer is very, and yes it does – to a point where having spent the morning in it driving a 2019-spec F1 car around Spa and, more intriguingly, a BMW on the roads of Warwickshire, I climb out of it, get into my real BMW and actually have to briefly stop at the side of the road to remind myself that I am back in the real world.

We don't want to spoil it, read the article in full on Auto Express.