Driving the Circuit de Monaco in mixed reality on the Dynisma DMG-1 simulator

Posted: 25th May 2023

How do F1 teams practice on a track that’s only open 2 weeks a year?

The Monaco Grand Prix street track, also known as the 'Circuit de Monaco' is open for only 3 weekends a year. Driver-in-the-Loop simulators are a crucial tool for drivers and motorsport teams testing their vehicle models to the limit ahead of race days. Today, Dynisma is introducing VR and XR with our Motion Generators.

Dynisma's proprietary motion compensation software coupled with class leading motion latency of 3-5ms, achieves the ultimate immersive experience. Stereoscopic vision enables millimetre precision against the barriers and the instant response of the simulator will enable teams to achieve a better correlation in preparation for Practice 1.

Watch the video to discover more.
With special thanks to rFpro and Varjo.


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