DSC 2021 | Whitepaper

Posted: 15th September 2021


Dynisma reveals details of its class-leading technology found in its motion generators
The Dynisma DMG range are the most dynamic, responsive and scalable driving motion simulators available
Designed with specific attributes to deliver a step improvement in motion cueing for driving simulation
For more information and to register your interest visit: www.Dynisma.com

Bristol, UK, 15 Sept 2021: Dynisma, the UK-based motion simulator technology company, has released a whitepaper outlining details of its revolutionary driving simulator technology.

This follows Ash Warne, CEO of Dynisma, presenting at the Driving Simulation Conference in Munich, where he went into further details about his market-leading driving simulators and the corresponding technology.

The whitepaper highlights the significant benefit the Dynisma Motion Generators (DMG) offer, through the unique combination of high frequency, low latency and large motion envelopes in each degree of freedom (DOF). Resulting in motion cueing not possible on conventional motion platforms.

Dynisma, has employed simulation and modelling throughout the development process. Co-designing the software and mechanical engineering, the subject of multiple patent filings, and removing every possible obstacle between the driver and the data, which is an entirely new way to look at designing motion generators.

Developed and built by a team of world-class engineers the DMG range delivers the lowest latency (sub 4ms) and highest bandwidth (>55hz in all 6DOF) of any other simulator currently available.

Lower latency ensures the driver is able to react faster to events such as oversteer, and the system’s high bandwidth facilitates motion cueing not possible from other conventional motion platforms. With this market-leading mechanical engineering and technology, the DMG systems have the ability to accurately transfer larger amounts of information to the driver, which is ideal in driving simulation due to the relatively stiff system - the car -providing a far more realistic and heightened responsive driving experience.

Furthermore, another significant benefit of a low latency motion platform, which uses room-fixed visuals, such as a driving simulator, is that the visual cues that the driver receives in response to a vehicle motion is actually determined by the motion platform as opposed to the graphics resulting in an improvement to visual cueing latency without the need for expensive projectors.

The DMG systems are both available as turn-key solutions, or customised to exact requirements, with the possibility to integrate any type of chassis, in current production or prototype, for both motorsport or automotive applications.

For more information please visit: www.dynisma.com


About Dynisma

Dynisma, an independent company, was founded in 2017 by experienced F1 driving simulator engineer Ashley Warne, who previously led the simulator development efforts of both Ferrari and McLaren. Dynisma has developed a unique approach to high performance motion generation. Dynisma’s range of Motion Generators (DMG's), feature high bandwidth, low latency, and large excursion motion simulation, delivering class leading driving simulation capabilities.

For more information and to register your interest visit: www.dynisma.com