Motortrend: Dynisma DMG-1, the World's Realest Driving Simulator

Posted: 26th April 2022

Motortrend drives the DMG-1, the realest driving simulator

Angus MacKenzie drives the Dynisma DMG-1, read more about his experience driving a 2019-spec Formula 1 car with our driving simulator; why low latency and high bandwidth is so crucial to elite drivers, and in helping develop race cars and automotive concepts. 

Angus says “… Through fast corners I can feel the tires nibbling at the edge of adhesion and can sense where the rear end will let go if I'm not careful with the throttle to keep the chassis balanced. Once, under braking, I clearly feel the left-front wheel lock. The carbon tub bucks and bounces if I take too much high curb through a chicane. Running wide over the sawtooth curbs on corner exit produces a juddering through the steering wheel and the seat of my pants.

Apart from absent g forces, it feels real.


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